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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tradeloop Ethics Committee Announces Waiting List

For years, members of Tradeloop's volunteer Ethics Committee have donated their time to help resolve ethics disputes within the community. Although the 15-member committee is currently at capacity, interested Tradeloop members can place their names on the Ethics Committee waiting list. The membership limit facilitates communication and helps keep the investigation and resolution process from getting bogged down.

Before you apply to join the Ethics Committee, we encourage you to review how the Ethics Process works and make sure you understand the committee's role. Tradeloop is committed to promoting ethical business practices and combating fraud within the trading community. When a member joins the Ethics Committee, he or she is assuming a leadership role in that effort.

It's a volunteer position, but a rewarding one.
· Help set standards for conduct in the network.
· Interact with other members in the committee-only section of the Ethics Blog.
· Review the details of all Ethics cases – posted or not.

Any Tradeloop member who meets the following qualifications can apply to join the Ethics Committee. Positions are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
· Your company must have been a Wholesale Member on Tradeloop for over a year.
· Your company cannot have any posted complaints against it.

Members agree to respect the confidentiality of cases and vote on all cases within 7 days after they're referred to the committee.

We hope you never need the services of the Ethics Committee, but if you do, our group of volunteer industry professionals is there to help resolve and mediate the dispute.

Learn more about the Ethics Committee at the Tradeloop Web site:
· How the Ethics process works.
· Tradeloop's Code of Ethics.

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