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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Counterfeit Products: Three Members Banned From Tradeloop This Week

Tradeloop's Ethics Committee voted to ban three Tradeloop members after receiving member complaints and documentation about counterfeit products. All three companies are based in Shenzhen, China and, the complainant alleged, were "fabricating and selling" counterfeit SUN products. After investigating the complaints, the Ethics Committee voted to ban these three companies from Tradeloop:
  1. Gold Coast Technology - Case #5104
  2. ValuePlus International - Case #5102
  3. Evergreen International Trading Corporation Company Ltd. - Case #5103
All three cases were posted at the Tradeloop Ethics area. We encourage Tradeloop members to review the details of the cases as well as the discussion between the committee, complainants, and defendants at our Ethics blog. Members can also leave their own comments about the cases by clicking on the "Members" tab on the case details page.

Counterfeiting is a serious, worldwide problem that affects the value of the wholesale market and the bottom line of every legitimate dealer. We will not tolerate the sale of counterfeit material through Tradeloop Broadcasts and we encourage every Tradeloop member to exercise due diligence when working with unfamiliar dealers.

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